Fresh prawn spring rolls
goi cuon


4 medium fresh prawns, cooked, peeled and deveined.
50 grams dried vermicelli
4 big leaves of Chinese lettuce
3 grams of holy basil leaves
3 grams of fresh mint
6 stalk of chives.
200 grams of cooked chicken breast, sliced.
18 sheets of rice paper, about 6 inches in diameter
(rice paper is available for sale in Sao Nam Tengkat
Thong Shin)

Remove tails from prawns and cut prawns in half length wise. Set aside.

Cook vermicelli in hot water and drain water away. Using scissor, cut noodles into manageable lengths.

Cut Chinese lettuce, holy basil and mint leaves in julienne. Cut the chives about 3inches long.

To make spring rolls, first soften the rice between two moist towels. Place small portion of vermicelli, holy basil, mint and a slice of chicken slightly to the lower end of the rice paper. Then fold the two sides of the rice paper inward overlapping the vermicelli, basil and the mint. Make sure to place the half prawn, skin-side down, towards top of the sheet, so that they show through final layer. Likewise, before fine roll, arrange 2 or 3 chives length wise to poke out about 1.5 inch from the end.

Dipping Sauce.


3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup of Hoisin sauce
3 tea spoons of Vietnamese fish sauce
Pinch of pink pepper
30g of crush roasted peanuts for garnishing

First fry garlic in vegetable oil till golden brown colour, and then add Hoisin sauce. Next add 1.5 cup of water to boil, and then add fish sauce and pepper.

A great match would be FRAMINGHAM Classic Riesling, a dry finished wine with rice fruit and juice acidity. This, together with relatively low alcohol, makes it a versatile wine, ideal with our aperitif and starter.






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